In December 1989, Romania was reborn as a free nation. This diverse country now welcomes tourists who can enjoy a wonderfully varied heritage of traditional culture, scenic splendours and opportunities for leisure. A resurgence of endeavour and enthusiasm is revigorating the tourist facilities of the country to create a unique holiday destination.

Plenty of Things to Do and See

The choice of activities and places to visit is extensive. You can ski in traditional or purpose-built mountain resorts or laze in the hot sun on the beaches at the Black Sea, comparable to those on the Mediterranean.

You can hike through unspoilt landscapes, where rivers run clear, or go boating in the 5,640 sq km (2,200 sq miles) water wilderness of the Danube Delta. Out of this total surface 4,340 sq km (1,695 sq miles) are to be found in Romania. There one can see pelicans and other endangered birds among floating iles overgrown with reeds. One can also enjoy the architecture, museums and galleries of the cities.

A Legendary History

The very name "Romania" reminds us that ancient Rome exercised a decisive influence on this country and on the monuments of that era.

There are feudal fortresses, Byzantine decorated monasteries and adorned village houses to be admired, while "Dracula's" castle is only one among many other fascinating castles and palaces.

Living Cultural Traditions

You can see folk festivals in Transylvania that are genuine expressions of local culture, not merely staged for visitors. When you buy local woodcarvings or pottery you buy things made to give pleasure while in use, not just valueless souvenirs.

One of the many extraordinary aspects of this country is its vibrant rural culture. For decades the outside world heard little about it. Not that Romania's heritage is simply one of folk art! Bucharest used to be called the "Little Paris", and with good reason, too!

Today first class opera and concert halls, permanent art exibitions, like that of the sculpturer Brancusi, fine museums and galleries are all specific for Romania's new sophisticated artistic sensitivity.

Modern Facilities and Affordable Prices

Better still this is all backed up by the comfort of a widening range of hotels and restaurants, good domestic transportation by air, train and bus, and surprisingly low prices. Going to the opera is quite affordable, let alone local dishes and wines. Romania is fun to visit. Come and see for yourself.

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